Best Cord Blood Bank In India

Mr.& Mrs. Praful Soman

Best Cord Blood Bank In India

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Best Cord Blood Bank In India

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Best Cord Blood Bank In India

Mr. Prasad Sen

Best Cord Blood Bank In India

Mr. Pravin Raj

“As the world is moving forward in Technology so is the field of medicines, we know for sure that much more is yet to be discovered, if Stem cell preservation can help in anyways for the future of our Children then why not. Stem cell form the source of all that a baby receives for its growth through the mother, hence I recommend this to all parents. So far, the Biocell team have done their process well, and the executive explained all the benefits of stem cell to me and my husband, with proper follow-up, ensuring that we have no doubt in taking the same. Post Delivery the collection and intimation of the stem cell was also good”.


“We chose to bank stem cell since we believed this futuristic form of treatment could be significant and useful as we age and will be an asset for us. We were referred to Biocell by our friend and then the professional approach, customer orientation and smooth process won us over”.

Mr. & Mrs. Mehta. Bangalore

“We are very happy that we opted “BIOCELL”​ to preserve our baby's precious stem cell. The service provided by Biocell and its representative was excellent with reference to the information provided, charges, collection of sample during labor. This was a pleasant experience with Biocell”

Shashikant Gade, MUMBAI

“Planning for only education & ceremonial thing are not sufficient for kids now days. So we thought and decided to preserve cord-blood stem cells for baby’s healthy future. This can secure our baby's health related need for lifetime. We have checked with many service providers. Then we understand Biocell is the best one. We got very good response from Biocell representative in coordination & services. Even sample collection Staff is also punctual. I am happy with "Biocell".

Mr. & Mrs. Kharade, Mumbai

“We have decided to get stem cell for our baby, to give her a better and healthier tomorrow, same time it can protect baby and all of us from 80 odd diseases. We are very happy with Biocell services, their concept is very nice and future concerned, this is certainly a gift every parent should give to their child as well as to themselves. The collection have been taken on time, paramedic were very professional and did not bother us while making the arrangements”.

Mr & Mrs. Prateek Bhatnagar. BHOPAL

Hi Biocell, I am working in a private organisation as a senior Team leader. First of all, I must thank you for providing a good platform for storage of stem cells, Biocell provided good plans for all kind of customer. We are very thankful to Biocell. Storage of stem cell is a precautionary measure because nobody knows the future. Till now I have referred 4 people in that 2 persons enrolled, why I am referring Biocell is because not many people know about stem cell and its benefits and also of the after sales services from Biocell.


“We are very happy with the service provided by Biocell. The representative was on time for the sample collection. Even they waited till our operation time was changed. There was no problem with the service. This was a pleasant experience with Biocell. They gave advantage of stem cells so that our child would be safe in some cases”


I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that the Biocell guys do a really good job in terms of giving presentations and make us understand very well. we are very happy with the service provided by baby cell. The representative is on time for sample collection and provides the updates till it reaches to the lab" I appreciate for all prompt and service by biocell.

Rajesh Geetha, Hyderabad.

We decided to store our baby’s stem cell because we want to give him the best always and the idea of stem cell cryo preservation is the future of Personalized medical treatment. we spoke to two companies including Biocell. We chose them as their Storage center is nearest home and we got a referral from our gynecologist who too had stored his baby's stem cell with baby cell after having visited their storage Center and verified the process. It was like we don't have to think twice now. And they gave amazing on time service always.

Mr. & Mrs. DEEPU DAMODARAN, Mumbai

So, this was my first pregnancy and my husband and I decided to preserve the umbilical cord of our first child. As we read about its benefits, we started talking to many stem cell banks. We got confused whom to prefer and that time I wasn't aware about BIOCELL, but as we have always believed in 'GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT' and it really worked. So, I came across BIOCELL through Google and the reviews were really good. I contacted BIOCELL and luckily the team was also amazing, I had a word with one of their team members (MEENU). She explained us everything in detail and also helped us out with our enquiries. The team of BIOCELL was so focused and confident and it boosted up my confidence also in them.
At the time of my delivery also paramedic was there on time and took all the samples and VOILA!!!! My baby's sample reached the lab safely.
Not only this, after saving the cord also the team of BIOCELL kept helping us in each and every query. Will surely recommend you to expecting parents.
Thanks a lot team BIOCELL. Keep supporting us like this always.

Mrs. Riya Sahane

We have decided for the stem cell preservation because we felt that stem cell will be the future. If we consider current treatments performed by stem cell preservation is less and it's quite costly. But if we see research papers and clinical trials being performed for stem cell treatment it's tremendous and we can nullify some of the very major illness if it occurs. Moreover this cells are useful for siblings and parents also along with the kid himself. And if we see the charge of preservation and if we divide it by total month over the span of preservation its even less than a 300Rs./month. So we can consider it as any life insurance. We never want something bad happening to us yet we take life insurance. Similarly, we never expect about any incurable diseases yet we have to preserve stem cells. It's not that bad expense and in my opinion it's rather investment than expense. We choose Biocell because the representative Mr. Mohit is excellent. So polite, so humble and so informative. He solved each and every query of us. We even ask him for same presentation twice and he smiled and did that again. He received phone at 10:30pm, 11:15pm and 6:15am. Also the transparency is admirable even before taking the order. In the field of medicine, transparency and trust is so essential and we have got that on Biocell. So we have choose it over several other companies.

Mr. Bilva Patel

I am very happy with the service provided by Biocell. The representative was on time for the sample collection. There was no problem with the service. This was a fairly good experience with Biocell.

Mr. Arpan & Mrs. Gipsy Patel, Gandhinagar Gujarat

We are pleased with your service.

I have recommended Biocell to my friends and cousins. Have also asked one of my friends to go for Baby cell only for stem cell preservation explaining the benefits of choosing Biocell.

Regarding the reason for choosing Biocell - I talked to many stem cell preserving companies but was satisfied with Biocell as your representative very well justified that yours alone is the company which is having therapeutic benefits along with banking.

Mrs. Sneha Vignesh, Bangalore

I decided to preserve my child’s stem cells for a better tomorrow. I chose Biocell because of the positive reviews, feedback etc. and good product knowledge of the field staff.

Mr. Anthony Roopa Rani Putti, Hyderabad

We are happy with Biocell and will recommend in future for friends

Mr. Sunil Kumar, Bangalore

I preferred to preserve stem cell because this is one time opportunity and as per my understanding majority of disease or critical illness will be treated with the help of stem cells in future.

Initially, I had a thought in my mind to go with other company but my brother had a very bad experience and our doctor advised for Biocell and the service is excellent and I appreciate Shravan who has patiently cleared all my doubts during his presentation and even the lady paramedic who came to collect the blood has spent whole day with us at hospital without any objection.

I appreciate for all prompt and timely service by Biocell.

Mr. & Mrs. Yannala Kiranmai, Hyderabad

We have had a late marriage plus we have been blessed with a baby after 5 years of marriage. This reason is sufficient enough for any complications that can arise later in life.

But more than that ----

I believe in taking precaution instead of dealing with consequences later. I'm a staunch believer of insurance for the future. I had to convince my hubby to go ahead with preserving baby's stem cells. Just having insurance policies for life & medi-claim is not sufficient. And how much can u save up for the future of your child? Also, I didn’t mind putting down the money for this. A little extra effort goes a long way for major benefits later in the future. Science has progressed so much & if we do not avail of its benefits - we would be losers at the end of the day. And will have no one else to blame but ourselves.

We chose Biocell because of the professional approach of your representative. The arguments made by her convinced me to go ahead with Biocell than any other company. I don’t regret my decision at all.

Mr. & Mrs. Yvonne Judy Maria Fernandes, Savnell Fernandes, Mumbai

We learnt that lot of research is going on around the world on use of stem cells to cure various diseases. We were not aware about stem cell banking during our first child & so didn't opt for it, but we didn't want our children to be deprived of any breakthrough that may happen in the future. So we decided to preserve our second child's stem cells which can be useful for most of the members of the family

We attended the presentation and had a good discussion with the representative. Also our queries were well answered & explained properly. The professional and transparent approach gave us confidence to choose Biocell over other agencies. "We would like to thank Biocell for their professional service and personalized touch which gives us confidence that my child's future is in good hands." My only request is that, we as parents be kept posted on any new developments related to stem cells on a periodic basis, it would be of great help. We can also show support by promoting the message and benefits to other expected parents.

Mr. & Mrs. Nirav Indravadan Shah, Baroda

Stem cells have been largely researched and used in the biomedical world by scientists as they have the potential to be a cure for diseases. Stem cells are harvested from the umbilical cord after the birth of the child. They can be frozen in Cell banks like Biocell for any future requirement. In the western world, such cells have known to be successfully used to treat children with blood cancers, such as leukaemia and certain genetic blood disorders.

But very few families in India preserve the child's stem cells and hence I believe more and more information and details need to be introduced to Indian families.

I was approached by the Biocell team while I visited my gynaecologist and introduced to stem cell preservation although I had heard about the same but I didn't know the importance. Now, I am so happy that we could preserve our child's stem cell and in future, the same can be used if the need arises.

Thank you Biocell

Yohaan, Jini and Bipin , MUMBAI

We are very happy with the service provided by Biocell. We were provided with a good demo on 'what to do' and 'when to do'. They provided us the contact lists in case of emergency. The paramedic staff was on time for the sample collection. In fact, one representative waited the whole night in the hospital though the delivery happened next evening. There was no problem with their services. We had a good experience with Biocell and would like to recommend all would-be parents to go with Biocell.

Mrs. Renu Goswami & Mr. Biswa Ranjan Goswami, Hyderabad

During the course of entire action, Biocell has always been on top of things and has fulfilled the promises made. The paramedic reached the hospital on time and without any issues, the collected sample was transferred to the lab. I appreciate that Biocell representatives have always been supportive and were in constant touch keeping us informed of the necessities. In all, we are quite happy with the level of support and services provided by Biocell and would be recommending such an amazing Biocell experience to our friends and families.

Mr. Vineet Bisht, Pune

Really impressed with the services of Biocell. I spoke to Biocell team only an hour before the delivery since we had to rush for an emergency delivery. It was a very short notice given to the team. But the team was very prompt in their service. Within an hour, everything was managed and taken care of. The representative was on time for collection. The payment options were easy. Overall satisfied with the Biocell. It was a nice experience.

- Vikram Mate, Pune

We are really satisfied customers of Biocell. We really had a good time and prompt service because I remember my pain started around 4 A.M and after the doctor told us to move to the hospital we gave a call to the representative and he was there on time for the collection. That was just great that just one call and everything was taken care of. Today we are glad my kid’s future is safe because of Biocell and their team. We have already recommended Biocell to three of our friends and they too are satisfied with Biocell’s services.

- Prajakta Pravin Deosthali, Pune

I would like to say thank you to Biocell to have come up with such a good plan and benefits with demo. We are very happy with the services and coordination. There was no issue during the sample collection. The paramedic staff was on time at the hospital for the collection and we also got the sample certificate within time. I am extremely happy with the Biocell services.

- Ratna Soujanya Baratam, Hyderabad

We had a great experience with Biocell. I think it was the best decision in choosing Biocell. It's dependable and trustable.

- Rishikesh Chandrakant Khaire, Aurangabad

We decided to preserve our baby's umbilical cord to safeguard his and other family member's future health as it treats 80+ diseases. It is a boon to all the parents. We are happy with the prompt services of Biocell.

- Vipulkumar Patel, ANAND Gujarat

I had a great experience and sweet memories with Bioiocell. At the time of my child’s birth, I had a doubt if the representative will be on time at the hospital for the collection. But during my delivery Biocell’s representative was not only present before us but also waited for 5 hours for the delivery. Thank you Biocell for helping us.

- Hipal Hardik Patel, Ahmedabad

I would like to say Thank you to Biocell for their superb services. The paramedic staff was on time at the hospital for the collection. I really appreciate Biocell’s efforts. I will definitely refer Biocell to my friends and family members who are expecting a baby.

- Chandrashekhar Patel, Hyderabad

Biocell was suggested to us by our doctor. We are happy by the services as I was admitted in the morning and my delivery took place at night. Biocell's representative was there right from morning to night and I was very happy to see her waiting a whole day and yet smiling that was the best part. Thanks to her and Biocell. Hope to have the same kind of services in future.

- Dharti Harshad Sanghavi, Mumbai

When we decided to secure our baby's health for future, we tried to approach many service providers including Biocell. Biocell's response and customer centric approach was spot-on. Hence, we decided to go for Biocell and since that time, I have not regretted choosing Biocell. There was no issue while collecting the sample and the communication between us and them as client and Biocell's team was excellent. The paramedic staff members were amazing and co-operative. We are really blessed to have Biocell’s service for our baby.

- Nehal Vrajesh Sheth. Gujarat

We were always sure to preserve our child's stem cell as you can never predict the future and when science and technology have advanced so much then every parent should make an extra effort to preserve their child's stem cells. We are very happy with the service provided by Biocell. The representative was on time for the sample collection, we received all paperwork on time and the best part ist that their customer care team is quite approachable and supportive.They have great EMI plans too, so it fits everyone's pocket. Go for It Mommies :)

- Rishika Manish Hooda, NEW DELHI

Being a parent, I have all the reasons to protect my child from any possible illnesses and I truly appreciate Biocell’s initiative to help people across the globe and be relatively stress-free when it comes to the health-related needs of their children. Thank you for everything your team has done before and after the birth of our daughter. Keep up the good work.

- Sheetal Abhinav Pradhan, Dubai

We are very happy with the services provided by the Biocell's staff.
The sample collection nurse was very thorough and professional with good etiquettes. She was on time and did a commendable job. We are proud to say that we have used Biocell's services for our second daughter as well. Keep up the good work. Wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.

- Upasana Sanjay Kumar, THANE MUMBAI

I am very happy and glad about the service provided by Biocell. Initially, we were worried that Biocell may not provide its service to lesser known hospitals. But the representative followed up with us for hospital details and timings about the birth for sample collection. They have taken the collection on time without any delays in their service. We are very happy and pleased with the service provided by Biocell and definitely would recommend them to my friends and family members. Thank you very much!

- Anusha Suresh Guduru, UNITED KINGDOM

I decided to protect my kid from whatsoever uncertainty he might face in future. So, I chose to preserve his stem cells. Biocell is one of the well-known companies in this industry and it was recommended by many doctors. My Sister-in-law is a senior and well-known Gynaecologist in Hyderabad, India. She strongly recommended BioCell. BioCell representatives are extremely professional and I was guided at every step. Thanks Biocell for your support :)

- Vikram Surol. HYDERABAD

I am glad Biocell came up with the option to protect our child from future illnesses. It’s kind of the greatest gift any parent can give to their child. I am happy that I chose Biocell and now I am relaxed about my baby’s future as far as her health is concerned. Thank you Biocell. You are like best friends to parents like us.

- Siddhi Girishkumar Dhoke, THANE

We liked the services provided by Biocell. My delivery happened at 11:00 pm and yet the paramedic was on time for the collection. I was informed continuously about the status after collection. Also, they are continuously in touch through their emailers. Really glad to choose Biocell.

- Neha Nitin Shirbhate, PUNE

Biocell was my choice because after a survey of many other cord banking companies I realised other companies were just marketing their product. But Biocell explained the benefits and pros of cord banking and how it can be beneficial not only to the child but her siblings and parents too. Was happy with its prompt response to my queries and explanation in depth. Will definitely recommend friends and family to go for Biocell only if they opt for cord banking.

- Mr. Sohil Modi, MUMBAI

During the delivery time it was around 6.30 am and I called Biocell’s representative to come for sample collection. He quickly attended my call and they reached the hospital just 5 minutes after our arrival. We were impressed with the great service for sample collection and information provided by Biocell.

- Mr. and Mrs. Vipul Jodhani (Rajkot)

We are very happy of Biocell’s services because we were staying in Mumbai and I had called to collect the sample at remote place in Andhra Pradesh (Atmakur) and the representative was continuously in touch with me and he came from Bangalore on time to collect the sample. He reached early morning at 6.30am and operation was at 7.00am. Hats off to the entire team of Biocell. After experiencing the best services from Biocell, we want to bank our second child’s stem cells with Biocell only.

-Mr and Mrs Reddy

We are happy with the service provided by Biocell. The demo provided before opting for the services was helpful in understanding the Pros and Cons of storing stem cells. This is a good initiative to educate people and help them get benefited. Continue the good work and keep the standards high.

-Mrs. Swetha Karthik

I am very happy with the service provided by Biocell. The representative was on time for the sample collection. There was no problem with the service. We had a fairly good experience with Biocell. I would like to say thank you to Biocell to have come up with such good plans and benefits. We are very happy with the services, coordination. There was no issue during the sample collection. The paramedic staff was on time at the hospital for the collection. I am extremely happy with Biocell services.

-Mr & Mrs. Jha, Mumbai

Nothing is more priceless than your child. While, during the birth of my first child, I wasn’t very sure about the benefits of stem cell banking, but during my second child’s birth, I had enough wisdom and the awareness of the benefits of the banking. This wisdom and awareness made me preserve it. When I decided to preserve the stem cells with Biocell, in my view at that point in time, the offerings from Biocell was best in comparison to the other sellers. Whilst nobody is sure about the future, my recommendation to all expected parents would be to preserve.

-Mrs. Sejal Bhavesh Malde, Thane

The Biocell presentation was very informative and explained the skilful methodology. The services are very prompt and within the timeline which made a good impression. I have recommended many of my colleagues and friends and they are pleased with Biocell's service too.

-Mr. Nilesh Kesharwani, Surat

The Biocell team explained stem cell and the importance of it to my entire family. The paramedic staff was at the hospital on time. There was no issue during the sample collection. I am very happy I chose Biocell.

-Mr. Pavan Kumar Vanam, Hyderabad

Although I was aware of the technology, I was not serious about it till my delivery time. Biocell representatives' quick approach time helped me preserve my baby boy's stem cell. Thanks Biocell & its staff for the timely support.

-Mr. Praveen C B, Bangalore

Staying away from India and delivering baby was not an easy decision, whereas collecting stem cell and storing back in India was only in our dreams. With the Biocell overall service from the case owner, supervisor, logistics shipment, delivery, storing and testing cell the entire process were Just in time (JIT) process 100%.

-Mr. & Mrs. Bilwa

We have banked our baby’s stem cells with Biocell – considering nothing but the best for my little girl! We hope that we never see the time when we need to use the cord blood cells, but we are rest assured knowing that it is stored with Biocell. Biocell Processing Technology is superior to any other banks & the value added services like CFU, HLA Typing, and personalized ANC/PNC sessions are second to none. Thanks Biocell!!

Mr. & Mrs. Bhanushali

Cord cells should be ideally perceived as a form of medical insurance on which we wholeheartedly spend but at the same time hope that may never have to be used. It is truly an honest investment made to safeguard your children’s future and guard them against the vagaries that life may have in store, it is in fact the very least that we as parents can do for our children. After a good deal of research, we found out Biocell! One thing that attracted me to Biocell is their lab location at Lonavala, Pune, which makes it convenient for us to know about the storage facility. Moreover the communication we had with the team at the time of presentation was outstanding. They really strive hard to deliver safe, and reliable services for stem cell preservation. We thank you for your valued services and appreciate the relationship we have developed.

Mrs. Chandrani V Patil and Mr. Vikrant S Patil

It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Biocell. The idea of banking cord blood itself is brilliant. After knowing the importance of these miracle cells, we thought of getting stem cells stored. Every parent should take the advantages of cord blood stem cell banking. Thanks for the opportunity given to share my experience with you

Mr. & Mrs. Tarle,

The Biocell experience Biocell, at every phase was superior, like the presentation, coordination done at the time of collection and post sales services. They have worked extremely hard to help us to understand the minutest details of the concept. We were impressed to see their responsiveness and the level of professionalism that they maintained throughout the entire process. The post natal session given to me after delivery was excellent! We have done all that we can to ensure our children Tithi & Tushti have a healthy life and we couldn’t have done it without Biocell.

Mr. & Mrs. Saini,


We are really satisfied with Biocell services. Thanks for the opportunity given to share my experience with you. Your executives were really pro-active and courteous and every single matter was handled very skillfully.

Mr. & Mrs. Kute,


The scope of stem cells is advancing each day and I feel that every expectant parent should consider the potential use of these cells. After a good deal of research, we found out Biocell! The communication we had with the team at the time of presentation was outstanding.They really strive hard to deliver safe, reliable, cost effective services for stem cell preservation. We thank you for your valued services and appreciate the relationship we have developed.

Mr. & Mrs. Arora



We were always quite clear that we want to do stem cell preservation for Karan - we're sure that it is one of the best gifts we can give him as parents. In our process of evaluating various options for stem cell preservation, we found Biocell to be the most responsive, courteous, pocket friendly and convenient service provider. Most importantly, they were patient and full proof in answering the millions of queries we had as 1st time stem cell preservers. What made us doubly sure about our decision (after we had registered) was that the representative was readily available on call to collect the stem cells even though I had a prolonged delivery of around 8 hours. Many of our friends have registered with Biocell which goes to show that they are one of the best!

Mr. & Mrs. Vyomesh



The idea of banking cord blood itself is brilliant!! It holds great promise as it can treat a number of life threatening diseases and we would encourage every parent to take this opportunity to secure their child’s future. Choosing a cord bank was not easy. During our research, we found out more about Biocell, and knew that this was the place for us. Right from the time of presentation, then the collection and the logistics, the entire process was carried out in a very proficient manner. We had the opportunity to visit their cell processing centre, at Lonavla, we were amazed to see their laboratory infrastructure & their team of experts. We wish Biocell continuous success for all their upcoming projects & advancements.

Mr. & Mrs. Nagrecha



I opted for stem cell banking since storing my baby's umbilical cord blood stem cells is an investment towards the future health of my family. I have my cousin working for Biocell. He explained the importance of stem cells and helped me understand the Biocell processes in detail. I was impressed with the offerings and hence chose Biocell. During the birth of my kid, they responded on time and sent the executive to the said hospital to collect the cord blood.

Tadala VS Suman
Senior Software Engineer,
Netcracker India Private Ltd.



It is a pleasure to write this testimonial for Biocell. We are a family of Doctors excluding me so we were aware of the advantages of cord blood stem cell banking. We chose to opt for Biocell because we were impressed by the team and their assurances along with the package offered. One of the most important factors was that their storage facility is close to our city and they had the confidence to invite us to visit the lab to see their operations if we wished. Their service at the time of delivery was very prompt and courteous and this continued even after delivery with the screening tests. We availed of their services for both our children and have been extremely satisfied till date!

Mrs. Vinita Mulchandani
Mom to Jeehan & Raeya



After knowing the importance of these miracle cells, we thought of getting stem cells stored. We had heard about Biocell from our acquaintances and decided to avail their services. It turned to be a good decision as they were prompt to our needs!! We are impressed by their professionalism & expertise. One of the best things about Biocell is their post sales services like the ‘New born screening test’ that they had provided for our new born babies, Aamya and Avin. The online post-natal sessions for mothers were helpful too. We can completely rely on Biocell for any advice in the future!! Thank you Biocell.

Mr. & Mrs. Anand



We were considering Stem Cell banking as we believe with the advance of stem cell treatments, we are creating a "bank balance" for our baby's health for the future. While we considered many service providers, Biocell stood out from the rest right from the initial interactions. Mrs. Veena and her staff came over personally and spent as much time as we needed to understand stem cell and Biocell's offerings. After signing up with Biocell also we were quite apprehensive since we had heard about a number of bad experiences from other service providers - in terms of being available on time for the delivery. It sounded like you needed to inform them well in advance- but in reality the delivery date is really unpredictable. In our case also the delivery happened 5 weeks prior to the predicted date! Biocell exceeded our expectations, with the staff (Rajeshwari) immediately arriving at the hospital and staying all night waiting for the delivery. She left only after she had completed the collection of the cord. Absolutely delightful and we are extremely happy and grateful to Biocell.

Mrs. Rachana Taranath, HR head, CGI.



A great initiative counts for a great reward.
Our Mumbai client receiving a gold coin for registering during Diwali from a Biocell representative.



Babies are a gift for any parent. We started thinking about providing all the comforts to our kid from the day when we came to know he will be coming in this exciting world and make our lives full of joy. In this advanced scientific world, for securing his future we had a clear choice to make in terms of securing his stem cells.

We came to know about Biocell during our research and found their service very satisfactory and without any second thoughts we have signed with them. The time I was busy with my new born baby, Biocell did their magic and collected all samples for preservation.

I am very happy to take this decision and securing our kid’s life. I have also recommended this to future parents in my circle to do the same and will recommend to any parent out there. We make our life easy & happy based on the decisions we make and I am glad I made a correct choice!

Mr. & Mrs. Rana

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